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Robbie Williams Apologizes For Saying Jimmy Page Was Spying On Him

27 June 2017 1:33 PM

Robbie Williams apologizes to Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page for calling him ?mentally ill? over neighborly feud.

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Pandora Is Winding Down Operations in Australia and New Zealand

27 June 2017 1:33 PM

Pandora is pulling the plug on Australia and New Zealand, the only international territories where it operates, in an effort to focus solely on the United States.

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Jay Som Shares Her 5 Favorite Tegan and Sara Songs

27 June 2017 12:53 AM

"Tegan And Sara were an essential part of my formative baby lesbian years - their lyrics, style, hair etc. + the community they built throughout their career is incredible and so iconic."

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New Public Enemy Album Coming Out Next Week

27 June 2017 12:41 AM

Public Enemy will release a new album next Tuesday (July 4), called "Nothing Is Quick in the Desert."

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Moon Boots Delivers Groovy Cut 'Keep The Faith' With Nic Hanson: Exclusive

27 June 2017 12:29 AM

Moon Boots? delivers a laid-back groove with his latest release, "Keep The Faith".

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Adam Lambert Continues to Prove He's Queen's Ideal New Frontman at L.A. Show

27 June 2017 12:25 AM

Fronting Queen should be Adam Lambert's full-time gig and their joint tour proves it.

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Takeover Tuesday: Ani DiFranco's 'Poetry In Motion' Playlist (Exclusive)

27 June 2017 12:17 AM

Singer-songwriter, poet and activist Ani DiFranco shares her "Poetry In Motion" playlist for Billboard's Takeover Tuesday," and opens up about her 20th album, the 2016 election, her forthcoming memoir and more.

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What's Reasonable to Expect from a New JAY-Z Album in 2017?

27 June 2017 11:50 AM

Jay-Z is about to release 4:44, his first album in four years and his fifth since his 2003 retirement, which almost certainly drew a line in the sand for longtime fans who've been mostly unhappy with his post-hiatus output since. But those later albums beg the question of what exactly we even want from an upcoming Jay album and what we could even possibly get.

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2 Chainz Celebrates 'Pretty Girls Like Trap Music' Being No. 1 & Remembers Prodigy: Exclusive

27 June 2017 11:05 AM

In an interview with Billboard, 2 Chainz speaks on his album 'Pretty Girls Like Trap Music' being the No. 1 rap album and the legacy of Prodigy.

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